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Open Positions

Experienced TD for VR Educational Animation

Application FAQ

Very easy:

  1. Collect only your very best work and create a Demo Reel or a Portfolio. Present yourself under the best light possible. Remember what you learned in animation class 101, the 10 first seconds are critical.
  2. Put it online using a web site: your own, Vimeo, YouTube etc. In HD of course!
  3. In the case of a Portfolio you can use one of the many image browsing albums available online, such as, Picasa or Google+
  4. Prepare a nice motivation letter with salary history, resume and link to your reel
  5. Be sure to include a precise breakdown of your role in each shot.
  6. Then send us a nice email below. Make sure to include the job title you are applying for and your name in the subject line. (Ex: Lead Animator position – John Smith)
  7. Voilà!
mmm, ok!

  1. Your demo reel should be 2 – 5 minutes long, 720p at the very least in a nice digital compressed format: mov, mp4 or avi.
  2. Your Portfolio (for artistic positions mainly, paintings, drawings, sketches etc.) can be jpg images. Make them big (we’ve got big screens), but watch out for poor compression.
  3. Your Motivation letter and Resumé should be PDFs, eveeeentually word doc format. (check for errors, typos look bad, I mean it).
  4. Breakdown can be a separate written document or included in the Demo Reel / Portfolio but it should explains what work you were responsible for and what technique or software was used.
Good question! We’re glad you asked.

  1. If your application piques our interest, you’ll be contacted pretty quickly. If it doesn’t, we may not have time to give a detailed, personalized answer to every application, but you will receive an email confirming our decision.
  2. We insist that you use online portfolios and application materials. If for any reason you need to send it by regular mail, it will not be lost and we will review it. Please send copies of your artworks, as we may not return these items to you.

“but do I have a chance of being hired then?”

Not immediately, but we will certainly remember you when the time is right.

“Aw…, alright”

Right now every applicant has to be able to work in the United States. We may make an exceptional exception for very high end profiles though, so if that’s you, apply!

Moondog Animation Studio is committed to training young talents and helping them reach their best potential in the animation industry. We’re working to set-up both 3 – 6 months paid position CDP (Career Development Program) and 2-3 months SIP (Summer Internship Program). Both will be available for students in art, animation, design, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), computer graphics, special FX, production, and more general film studies.

To apply, please send us your cover letter with resume and link to a Reel or Portfolio and breakdown using the form below. Make sure to include the job field you are interested in and your name in the subject line. (Ex: INTERNSHIP Look Development – Jane Smith)
…what? eemm, yes, she’s John’s sister

NO!! Well maybe… We’ll think about it.
Sure! But it will have no effect on hiring…
NO!! Well maybe… We’ll think about it. Stop asking!

Contact Us

After reading the FAQ above, get in touch with us using one of these forms!

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For internship opportunities, please refer to the above FAQ and email us here:

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Oh, and if you’d like to taste a little bit of where we are as a company, here’s a little appetizer: http://www.charlestoncvb.com/