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Project Description

Moondog Zac Zoe

Zac & Zoe

Kids’ Series

Zac & Zoe is a fun and lighthearted adventure series that is aimed at teaching children small life lessons, such as being patient, working together, respecting others, and conflict resolution.

Zac is the typical boy, bold and energetic, a true daredevil. His sister, Zoe, on the other hand is the brains of the operation and tends to be a little more timid. Together they explore the world around them, always sure to find the next big adventure just around the corner. Starting with ordinary places and events their imaginations run wild with fantastic and imaginary worlds that materialize around them.

Throughout the series kids are shown a positive vision of the world around them that they can identify with. Each episode is developed to give kids the strength and courage necessary to stand up and face the obstacles, big or small, in their lives.