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Shark Tag!

South Carolina




Move over Pixar, Shark Tag! documents the antics of a little boy named Miles and his shark called Bob while they play tag in a grand underwater adventure. Bob is a very dedicated friend to Miles and goes with him everywhere.

MOONDOG Animation Studio was commissioned by the South Carolina Aquarium to create two short films to promote the Aquarium's new exhibit, Shark Shallows, with two 3D main characters. The characters were a boy (Miles) and his stuffed/real shark (Bob). For this piece, we pulled together artistic and technical direction, concept art, storyboards, animatics, designs, modeling, texturing, and rigging.


We also created 8 secondary characters, top-notch music, sound designs, and voice-overs; designed 3 sets with backgrounds; and implemented 2D & 3D visual effects, lighting, rendering, and compositing to pull the project over the top.

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