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The Company

MOONDOG Animation Studio is a seasoned squad of adventurers based out of Mount Pleasant, SC in the Charleston, SC area. From here, we’re tackling the major motion animated film market head-on.

We create:

  • Full-length animated feature films
  • Short films
  • Virtual reality films
  • Animated architectural visualizations
  • Commercial and marketing campaigns

But no matter the subject matter, our mission is always to deliver engaging stories, with compelling characters, rendered with the utmost expertise and quality.

Meet the Execs

Bryan Ransom
Bryan RansomCEO
Bryan is always running 100 mph as our CEO. He’s developed over 15 different TV series and feature length films. Born and raised right here in the Carolina’s, he earned a degree in Chemical Engineering from NC State University. He uses all his strengths in his role with the mind of an Engineer and the heart of an Artist. His all time favorite animated film is The Incredibles with his most recent favorite being Big Hero 6. Catch Bryan if you can here: @nvrtoofast
JM Khayat
JM KhayatCOO / Studio Director
At age 5, JM knew he was going to grow up to work in animation. He’s fulfilled his childhood dream for 28 years. He has built, led, and directed for four studios in France. His most successful projects have included work for France Television, Nickelodeon, Canal+, and Eurosport. JM’s all time favorite animated film is Aladdin. His most recent favorite is How to Train your Dragon 2. Catch JM on Twitter here: @Jmkhayat
Ben Davis
Ben DavisCTO / Technology Strategist
Ben lives at the razor’s edge, the balance of Art and Tech; which can be very dangerous at times. He started his art career at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, then polished his craft with a BFA from Ecole Supérieure d’Art in Annecy, France. With plenty of experience in animation studios working for France Télévision, Nickelodeon & Canal+; his 16 years of experience in the field has expanded his expertise into Virtual Reality as well. Ben’s favorite classic animated film is The Sword and the Stone. His most recent favorite is Wreck it Ralph. You can find Ben on Twitter here: @BCliffordDavis
Tom Swanson
Tom SwansonExecutive Producer
Tom is one of the leading funding and sponsorship specialists in the country. In 2005 he executive produced his first full-length feature film, Come Away Home, which won the Best Motion Picture Drama award at the International Family Film Festival. With several films to his credit, as well as one of the most lucrative independently produced animated film returns, Tom is a fierce force for momentum. He has also created some of the largest integrated marketing / sponsorship campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies.


Moondog Car Chase


Feature Films: The Big Leagues

Stop anyone on the street and they’ll be able to rattle off their favorite animated films. Which is why we consider ourselves so lucky to be able to work on them. Feature-length productions are gargantuan undertakings that tap every last bit of our collective experience. The technical challenges and late night work sessions push us to the limit. But don’t let that fool you, we love it with a passion.

Moondog Patriots Point Medal of Honor

Short Films: Still a Big Deal

Is a sports car any less complicated or valuable than a city bus, just because it’s smaller? Nope. Some stories just demand a shorter format. When we tackle a short film, it goes through the same development process the feature films do. We agonize over every second of screen-time, and we sweat the details just as much. Sometimes more, because there are fewer seconds to waste.

Moondog SC Aquarium Family Pose

Commercial / marketing campaigns: Bringing in the Big Bucks

We should clarify, these projects bring in the big bucks for our clients. But we’ve worked with clients big and small, with budgets of all sizes. Tell us what you need. It’ll be our job to blow your expectations without blowing the budget.

Check out Moondog Interactive Studio to learn about how we combine technology and storytelling for virtual reality, projection mapping and interactive displays.

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SCRA Awards Local Companies

SCRA Technology Ventures' SC Launch program presented big checks to Charleston-area companies Moondog Animation and PharmRight at the recent Silicon

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