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Steps of Heroes

Patriots Point Naval and
Maritime Museum




MOONDOG Animation Studio was commissioned to create an animated film with two 3D main characters. One of them was a revision of their much-loved mascot, Scrappy. Scrappy was a real dog who lived on the aircraft carrier in 1943, providing companionship to those serving in World War II on the historic ship. This high adventure film soars to new heights as Scrappy and his sidekick seagull, Stewart, enjoy their friendship among the challenges of wartime.

The films purpose: To teach the next generation the history of the Aircraft Carrier Yorktown, from its construction in the 40’s through modern day.
To give them a glimpse of the strength of character of those who serve their country with honor.

We pulled together artistic and technical direction, concept art, storyboards, animatics, designs, modeling, texturing, and rigging. We also created many secondary characters, the music, sound designs, and voice-overs. We designed 3 sets with backgrounds; and implemented 2D & 3D visual effects, lighting, rendering and compositing to pull together the overall project. It was a great honor to work with The Yorktown on this exciting film.

Creative Provided

Character Design

Concept Art








Art Direction


Jean-Marc Khayat

Project Media

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