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AR Car & Truck



Augmented Reality
3D Printing


MOONDOG was tasked to develop an Augmented Reality experience to showcase what LORD's automotive division produces for a trade show booth.


MOONDOG created an AR application allowing the user to discover different parts on a 3D printed car model, measuring three feet in length. MOONDOG designed and printed the 3D car model. The AR application encourages users to click and explore the various parts of the car using X-ray vision, exploded views, specification charts, and other relevant information.


Users go on a technical scavenger hunt to investigate each section of the car. The app grades each user on their knowledge of LORD’s catalog, and encourages them to learn more. In order to capture memorable moments from the customer’s experience, each user inputs their name, email, and phone number via keyboard before jumping into the AR experience. This ensures social media follow up and prolongs the experience far beyond the trade show.

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