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Octopeeples is a crazy and creative IP created in-house to redefine entertainment for the world of Web3 to redefine entertainment for the world of Web3. 

The Octopeeples are a highly advanced race of octopi who live in Octotropolis, 50,000 years in the future. They’re the evolutionary successors to Planet Earth! They're very degen, a little doomer, and they’ve got everything figured out…they think. They’re wacky, crazy, and they march to the beat of their own drum - kinda like us! And they’ve traveled to our world to check it out and learn more about us “Hoomans” and why we went extinct.

Our Contributions

MOONDOG Animation contributed to the Octopeeples NFT project with simple, clean, colorful character design and artwork. Generating over 8,000 variations ranging from accessories, clothes, hair, and facial expressions our artists were able to bring the Octopeeples to life in the Web3 world. We also provided marketing imagery and assets to help market the project and build community engagement, which our client effectively used in Twitter Spaces to gain over 10,000 followers within two weeks!

Project Media

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