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MOONDOG’S CEO & Founder to Speak at the Upcoming Dig South Tech Summit

MOONDOG Animation Studio Announces the Addition of Cause-Based Experiences for

Metaverses to the Company’s Growing Service Offerings and Collaborates with Other

Like-Minded Pioneering Metaverse Companies

Charleston, SC – May 11, 2022 – Today, MOONDOG Animation Studio (MOONDOG), a

leading animation and immersive experience studio, announced that the Company is expanding its services to serve the growing Metaverse industry. This announcement comes ahead of the Company’s participation at the upcoming Dig South Tech Summit where MOONDOG’s CEO and co-founder Ben Davis will be participating in the panel discussion entitled, “What is the Metaverse and Why Should I Care.”

For more than 10 years, MOONDOG has been specializing in storytelling through a myriad of

services that include full-feature entertainment, character and story development, and

immersive creative technologies that include augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

The foundational pieces of what’s called “Metaverse” have existed for many years, with some of the recent labelling and definition now being given to help those outside of the field to gain a better understanding of the technology. MOONDOG has been developing experiential pieces that have been used as building blocks and parts of Metaverses, and the company is uniquely positioned to offer these services.

“We describe ourselves as ‘good, old-fashioned’ storytellers who are wildly obsessed with

technology,” said MOONDOG’s CEO and co-founder Ben Davis. “We’re pioneering the way our

world interacts with media through animated films and series, 4D theatres, immersive creative technologies and interactive amusement-theming. We’re now taking our deep expertise and skills, that when combined, provide everything needed to create ‘show stopping’ experiences in the Metaverse.”

MOONDOG’s expertise in the creation of unique immersive animations that combine VR/AR

technology has resulted in several key and notable projects around the world that provide a

greater understanding of the world around us and how we experience it, through:

“It's important to understand that what we call, ‘the Metaverse’ is simply a combining of many already-existing technologies to create one-of-a-kind immersive environments that connect people from across the world in like-experiences and stories in a fully digital environment,” continued Davis. “What will set us apart, however, is our desire to create experiences in the Metaverse that move hearts and minds. We’ll remain true to our calling of creating purpose-driven, meaningful and caused-based productions.”

In recent months, MOONDOG has worked to align the Company with potential partners who

share in its values and desire to create more than a gimmicky, money exchange, but to create a meaningful and moving utility to provide social impact. One such partner that sought out

MOONDOG to leverage their full experience is Sync Neural, a company based in Switzerland

that is creating an on-boarding platform for people, policymakers, renewable energy technologies, environmentalists and institutions that are working on projects to address carbon neutrality. 

Founder and CEO of Sync Neural Himesh Patel, who will also be participating in two panels at the Dig South Tech Summit, said, “MOONDOG’s experience in this space is unique in that it

focuses on two primary factors as takeaways for users: meaningful connections/relationships and experiences. These are the two aspects that anyone who gets involved in working in the Metaverse must keep in mind to ensure that the humanity that goes into it doesn’t become just transactionally oriented. The character and values of the MOONDOG team are incredible, and their approach compliments our mission to impact people’s lives in positive and sustainable ways.”

MOONDOG is in continuous discussions with companies whose mission aligns with their own. To learn more and meet the team, reach out to them during the Dig South Tech Summit on Whova or visit their sponsored panel, “What is the Metaverse and Why Should I Care,” on

Friday, May 13, at 9:45 am ET.

MOONDOG Animation Studio

MOONDOG Animation Studio is a pioneering storytelling studio that's changing the way the world interacts with media, across any platform, tool, audience or environment, including feature films, 4D theatres, immersive technology and interactive amusement-theming. By combining storytelling with evolving technologies, MOONDOG is creating original experiences that are masterful, memorable and move audiences.

Media Contact:

Nisha Patel

Inspire Agency for MOONDOG Animation Studios



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