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Hanger Bay Kiosks

Patriots Point Naval
and Maritime Museum




Museums often have the challenge of presenting several years of history and information in a tiny space. While the Corsair might have been one of the deadliest planes in World War II, or the Skyraider a pivotal force in the Korean War, these planes now sit dormant aboard the USS Yorktown. Their glory days are over, but their story will live on in these historically accurate and interactive display kiosks.

Spanning across the USS Yorktown hangar bay are seven war planes that were active as early as World War II and some as late as the Vietnam War. Each plane has a story, and each story is woven into the fabric of history. Not only that, but they were also impressive fighting machines that were critical to the success of allied forces. For this reason, we wanted to present these planes accurately according to their history and technicality.

People who use these displays include children and Navy veterans, as well as many others. Children love to get their hands on things, so we started with full interactivity in mind. On the other hand, Veterans who have flown these planes know a lot about them, so accuracy was vital.

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