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Shameka's Saga

Voodoo Sword


Character Design
Concept Art
PFP Generation



The goal of this project was to integrate NFTs and Metaverse elements into the Shameka’s Saga universe to build awareness around the upcoming series and a passionate community of project supporters to build awareness of the series and grow an active, fully-engaged fanbase.

This is different from many current NFT projects that focus on fundraising. These tend to create barriers of entry and center community engagement around increasing the value of one’s membership rather than their passion and involvement within the overall Shameka’s Saga universe.


Our Contributions

Apart from MOONDOG contributing to the early development stages of the Shameka's Saga upcoming animated series, we also contributed to character design and concept art for the NFT launch. MOONDOG generated 2,066 unique variants with individual attributes that will create levels of rarity and value. 

Project Media

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