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The Raddest NFT Game in the Metaverse 🤘🛹🚀


In this reimagined form of the classic skateboard game of SKATE (or HORSE for you driveway basketballers), each player owns a one-of-a-kind NFT-based SK8r and battles other players by taking turns throwing down trick cards. Each trick has a different probability of either landing in glory or epic failure. If player one lands the trick, player two must land the same trick or receive a letter. The first player to spell SK8 loses.


Using blockchain tracking technology, players can level-up their skaters to increase the probability of success and unlock more advanced tricks to their arsenal.

Our Contributions

Moondog was approached to help design the skaters and create the NFT and gameplay content.


We started with designing 3 SK8r characters (Johnny SK8, Jenny SK8, and BONEZ) and a collection of attributes including clothing, hairstyles, skateboards, and backgrounds. Then each SK8r was animated through each of the 10 tricks.


Then came the challenging part! 10,000 unique SK8r variations were rendered through each of the 10 trick animations in both of the 2 landing/crashing result states. 10,000 x 10 x 2 = 200,000 individual deliverables to render, track, and deliver. We accomplished this through careful planning, some clever scripting, a lot of coffee, and developing a pipeline that was efficient enough to easily adapt to the constantly changing needs inherent in current NFT project release strategies.


In the end, we were not only proud of having delivered the massive number of high-quality pieces, but also came out of it with a proven workflow for delivering similar generative asset projects popular in the NFT / Metaverse space.


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